Vincent Chen novellas

#1 - Severed Signals

#2 - Cryptic Commands

#3 - Failed Frequencies

#4 - Mixed Messages

Alone among the stars...

His faith guides him

Vincent Chen maintains the Realm’s deep space communications network and stays clear of other people—until dark deeds force him to take a stand.

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For Us Humans

Caz Fortel is a great liar. In fact, he's a professional.

It's his job to lie to people who steal works of art, and to get the goods back. But when Caz gets the big call from the FBI—a million bucks to recover a stolen statue of significant cultural value—it comes with a downside. His assigned partner has more of an interest in Jesus than Caz is comfortable with. Oh, and he’s an alien with four arms and a tremendous sense of smell.

When aliens showed up fifteen years ago, Earth cut a deal to join the Panstellar Consociation as a protectorate, allowing their new neighbors to set up a warp tunnel in orbit, in exchange for advanced tech secrets. Now Caz is caught up in the retrieval of their missing statue, and they want the mission kept quiet.

Or Earth could be in very, very big trouble

The Lightningfall The Relic Cycle Book 2

 Sequel to The Bloodheart 

An ancient darkness reawakens. An empire casts its shadow over the East.

And together they seek: the Lightningfall.

Bowen Cord has embraced his gift. He uses his ice-summoning in service of others, while
relishing the quiet comfort of raising his family. There is no denying the call to a quest, however, when a mysterious woman arrives at the Aevorn village bearing a stone with the rumored ability to reach the dead.

Bowen will have to assemble a disparate crew aboard his new cloudship, traverse the isle-filled skies for hostile lands, and determine who this woman really is—and what she wants.

If not, he’ll be unable to stop an empire from burying the world under a reign of ice.


Man Behind the Wheel

You do not have the right to drive.


Roman Jasko patrols the automated highways of 2067 America, watchful for illegal cars. He’s put on a robbery case that leads to a band of sophisticated thieves armed with stolen military technology.


Things take a turn for the worse when he discovers a personal connection to the thefts, and finds himself in the middle of a vicious attack. Suddenly, he's stuck on the wrong side of the laws he upholds.


Rome will have to use all his skills to avoid every obstacle in his path, and determine the quickest route to the truth.



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