Mercury on Guard

Mercury Hale #1

Mercury Hale is not a hero. Not in his mind.


He's happy spending his late nights slicing his way through monstrous astral fiends, using a weapon imbued with a mysterious power, at the behest of the secretive Procyon Foundation. It's a strange way to earn a paycheck, but hey, he's good at it.


The problem is, things are getting worse.


More attacks. More public exposure. None of which Procyon wants.


When he tries to get to the bottom of the mess, Mercury is confronted by a tightly-guarded secret about Procyon - its true purpose, and what that means for the fate of the world.


Worse, Mercury is not who he thinks he is.


And he's not alone.

Airfoil: Origins


Drake City needs a superhero...


Brandon Tusk is a dedicated librarian and a struggling father who would give anything to hold his wife again. When he fatefully discovers a mysterious medallion endowing him with the power to manipulate gravity, he finds he can suddenly stop bullets, fly, and stop evildoers.


His new powers pull him into a centuries-long battle between the Garrison and the Ashen, two organizations that control the medallions and seek to keep their use hidden from the world at large. As a mysterious stranger trains Brandon relentlessly to be a weapon of the Garrison, Brandon forms his own plans with the medallion, choosing instead to fight crime, to make his city safer, to show his son that good can be achieved.


But there are other forces at work—dark forces unsatisfied with the cold war waged by the medallion holders. Their plans will threaten everything and everyone Brandon cherishes.

Despite everyone's intentions with the medallions, one thing is clear: Drake City needs a superhero.


It needs Airfoil.


The Echo Watch


Dominic Zein #1


Dominic Zein is overwhelmed. Work pulls him in every direction except the one in which he wants to go—home to his wife, out with his friends, away from the constant strain.

Then Nick shows up.

He’s the spitting image of Dominic, a man who can imitate him perfectly. And he claims it’s his destiny to help his doppelganger as thanks for all the fortune he’s received.

Dominic happily accepts the deal, and soon finds himself getting everything he wants. But the more Nick gets involved, the more Dominic’s relationships spiral out of control.

Until it’s no longer his life.

He’ll have to uncover the truth about Nick, and that truth could tear his world apart.




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