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Editorial Services

Proposal review: $80
First 10 pages review: $80
Editorial review: $0.005/word
Comprehensive critique (full manuscript): $0.01/word
Line edit (proofreading): $0.01/word
Full Edit: $0.02/word
First 50 pages edit: $250
Consulting: $60/hour, $40/half hour ($40 minimum)
Paperback book layout: $200
E-book layout: $75

Contact me here
I accept PayPal payments. Our communication will be via e-mail. I am also available by e-mail to answer questions in the aftermath of edits to further clarify my work on your manuscripts. I require half payment up front and the remaining half upon completion of services.
Proposal Review : $80
If you’ve put together a proposal for your novel and you’d like a former fiction acquisitions editor to give you professional feedback on it before you send it out to an agent or editor, or before taking it to a writer’s conference, this service could be for you.
You’ll get my assessment of how your proposal looks, whether it’s got the right pieces, and insight into what acquisitions editors tend to care about (and what they don’t care about) in a proposal. You’ll also get my opinion on how marketable I think your idea is in the current Christian publishing landscape. I’ll give you my take on whether or not your story sounds interesting and whether or not your synopsis holds together. You’ll even get a quick take on how strong your fiction skill-set appears to me based on the samples you include.
Note that in a proposal review I don’t critique your sample chapters. I’ll glance at them, but the purpose of a proposal review is to tell you what an acquisitions editor will think about your proposal, primarily the front matter.
First 10 pages review : $80
An acquisitions editor can tell so much about an author’s style, skill, and storytelling abilities based only on the first 10 pages of the manuscript. You’d be surprised. Truth be told, it’s probably enough to read the first 3 pages, but I’ve put 10 just to be safe.
Send me the first 10 pages (double-spaced) of your novel and I’ll give you a professional assessment of what I see that’s working and what I think you may need to work on.

Editorial Review : $0.005/word
This is the most common service I provide. When I do an editorial review for you I read over your manuscript and give you a 4 to 5-page overview of it from my perspective as an author and editor.
I’ll evaluate the strength of your beginning, the originality of your premise, how engaging your story is, how high your fiction craftsmanship is, what your book’s strengths are, and what are the major areas of improvement to concentrate on.]
For the low price and the quick turnaround time, this is often the most cost-effective service for writers, agents, and publishers alike.If you want to know what may be sabotaging your efforts at getting your book published, this is the service for you.

Comprehensive critique : $0.01/word
This may be the best editorial help you will ever receive. In a comprehensive critique (also known as a substantive edit, developmental edit, or macro edit) I go deep with you on your book. In a comprehensive critique I tell you not only what’s working and what’s not working, but exactly where it isn’t working, exactly why it isn’t working, and exactly how to fix it. You get both the strategic big picture and the tactical brass tacks views of your manuscript.
A comprehensive critique is the first half of a full edit. You can see that in the alternate terms used to describe it: substantive edit, developmental edit, or macro edit. In my mind, though, a full edit includes this stage (the comprehensive critique) and the next phase, which is often called a line edit. See “Line Edit” below for more on this.

Line Edit : $0.01/word
A line edit is where I go into the manuscript itself (after you’ve revised it according to my suggestions in the comprehensive critique phase) and fix sentences, clarify points, suggest bridges, ask questions, correct formatting, identify showing vs. telling or POV errors, and request new content. It’s very much the sleeves-rolled-up portion of the process.
There is a lot of give-and-take between you and me. It will always remain your book.

Full Edit : $0.02/word
This service combines the comprehensive critique and line edit into a single package. At the end of the full edit the manuscript will be ready to be handed off to a copy editor for a final grammar and punctuation check before being given to the typesetter and then the printer. If you’re ready to self-publish or if you just want someone to come and help you do the works, then a full edit is just the ticket for you.

First 50 pages edit: $250
If you need the first 50 pages of your manuscript cleaned up and critiqued before it is sent off to a literary agent or a publisher, I'll give your submission the equivalent of a full edit.

Consulting: $60/hour, $40/half hour ($40 minimum)
Maybe you’re stuck on something or want professional advice. I’m happy to do so and I have an hourly and half-hourly rate to accommodate. Drop me an e-mail and we’ll line up a phone call.

Paperback Book Layout: $200
E-Book Layout: $75
This is a newer service. I offer full paperback interior layout and e-book layout for a flat fee, no matter the length of the project, for anything from short stories up to and including full-length novels.

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